Dia 26

As requested, Bertie has visited the Cathedral and made his request to Santiago on behalf of our little syndicate.  Fingers crossed!

We had a great first day in S d C.  We headed to the Pilgrim Reception Centre to get our certificates and then wandered around the old town.  After a leisurely lunch we visited the Cathedral for the prescribed visit to Sabtiago’s sarcophagus (solid silver!). 

We were lucky enough to hear an organ recital while in the Cathedral and the organist gave it a FULL workout. Fantastic.

We then bumped into a German woman offering a tour of the outside of the Cathedral so we joined her group and got a run down on the history of the building and explanations of some of the decorative aspects.  While doing this tour we came upon a fantastic drum group in one of the Cathedral plazas.

In the evening we were provided with more free entertainment.  A free concert is given every Thursday evening in yet another plaza – tonight was a concert of music by Mexican composers conducted by a Mexican.  The band was excellent so we had a totally fabulous day.

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  1. SHERYN REICHE says:

    Where’s Sophia? Did she not make it? 0)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She doesn’t approve of gambling – v. pious!


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