Dia 27

Another day of relaxation.  We checked out of our hotel and met Elena, the agent for the apartment we are staying in for the next 3 nights.  She gave us some great tips on where to eat and what to see.

One of her suggestions was the Almeda Park nearby which has a great lookout point over the old town.

Galicia is Celtic so they have their own version of the bagpipe and many virtuosic players. Warning: don’t play this video if you loathe the sound of bagpipes!

We finally made it to the noon pilgrims mass in the Cathedral, all in Spanish of course.  I enjoyed the musical bits but they were few and far between and we slipped out when everyone started lining up for the holy sacrament.  It is quite mesmerising listening to hundreds of people murmuring the responses during the service.

Cool dude in the park 

Elena also told us that tonight is Saint John’s Eve, the celebration of the summer solstice which is a really big deal in Santiago.  So we had to go out and eat sardines and jump over bonfires to scare away the evil spirits.  We managed the eating sardines bit.

We only saw children jumping over the bonfires so we left it to them.

Happy winter solstice to everyone back home.

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