Dia 28

After all that walking & cycling we decided to go on a bus tour to visit the Atlantic coast and Finisterre, named as such by the Romans because they thought they had reached the end of the world when they saw the Atlantic Ocean.  Those silly flat-worlders!

It was a long and full day as we stopped at numerous places, all quite spectacular in their own way.  The first was a 13th century medieval bridge – Ponte Meceira – with associated water mills for processing the local grain.  Not functioning anymore but still intact with their huge millstones.

We then drove out to the coast to see Cape Finisterre in the distance and to wonder at the endless wind farms.  All the turbines are totally silent to ensure they don’t disturb the wildlife.

After that we visited a nearby fishing village, Muros, for our coffee break.

We then headed back inland to see Rio Xallas, a river that flows out of the mountains as a waterfall.  It had been totally redirected into a hydroelectric generator but some of the water flow has now been returned to its original path.  They know the value of the tourist Euro.

Next stop was Finisterre harbour where we had a wonderful seafood lunch.  Sabine and I shared a seafood salad and a hot dish of octopus and prawns washed down with a local white wine. Lovely.

Back in the bus to go out to the cape itself which is where the 0 KM marker for the Camino is located. 

This is the end end point if you don’t stop in Santiago.

We had one more stop – Muxia – which has a sanctuary for the Virgin Mary.  This is where the movie The Way ends up.

As you can see the weather was fabulous and we really enjoyed being bus tourists for a day.

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